Welcome to ASHA STUDIO

Asha Studio has been creating personal and branding imagery for business owners since many years. We never take a cookie cutter approach as every person and every business is unique. We aim to challenge fashion stereotypes and we hope to inspire people of all ages, shapes and backgrounds to step out of their comfort zones and become the best version of them.

We handle all types of modeling and fashion photography, family and new born photography, portraits and corporate branding, kids modeling photography, special moments, product launch and many more.

We invite you to a makeover and photoshoot with us to see yourself in a whole new light. We will create portraits that show you the beauty, that others see in you.



All special moments and occasions, startup business, business branding, corporate events, modeling, portraits, trainers, presenters, speakers, authors, mentors and experts from every industry we serve.


Asha Studio with many years of photography experience and bunch of professional always aim to help people to see beauty in themselves while creating wonderful works of art that will be passed down through generations.

Technical Brilliance

Asha Studio’s technical brilliance as a photography professional has much more to do with the shift in focus from the model photographer to the output of the contemporary art medium. We provide quality concept rather than just photographs.